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A globe of dried white German Statice becomes a moonlit garden frozen in time, its delicate blooms whispering tales of rustic charm and timeless elegance. When cradled in a designer vase, they transform the mundane into a dance of shadows and light, their ethereal beauty igniting the space with a subtle grace. In bridal arrangements, they resemble pearls of joy, captured from the ocean of love, their enduring beauty echoing the promise of forever. They stand as an emblem of the unfading, their papery petals a testament to beauty that transcends the fleeting nature of time.

Wedding German Statice Globe | Limonium Tataricum Wholesale Globe

  • Our White German Statice Globe, a stunning addition to any floral arrangement. This unique product features the radiant beauty of German Statice (Limonium tataricum), expertly shaped into a beautiful globe, ready to enrich your retail collection.

    The blooms, a pristine white in color, evoke a sense of purity and tranquility. When dried, their paper-like texture and longevity make them an ideal element for a myriad of decorative uses. Whether used in fresh or dried bouquets, their charm is everlasting.

    Our Statice Globes are highly adaptable. In moist conditions, they display an exceptional pliability, allowing creative freedom for bespoke arrangements. Upon drying, they regain their firm structure, preserving the artistic form crafted.

    Each globe is a step away from the traditional German Statice, offering a unique aesthetic that sets your floral offerings apart. They come in sturdy bulk boxes, ready for shipment to your retail location. Incorporate our White German Statice Globe into your inventory for a distinct, timeless addition that will delight your clientele.

  • Wholesale Return Policy

    No Returns Policy:
    All sales are final. We do not accept returns for any reason once the product is shipped. If you have concerns regarding your order, please contact us before the items are dispatched.

    Issue with Order:
    If you experience any issues in receiving your shipment, please contact our Customer Service team within the same day of the estimated delivery time. Failure to report within this timeframe may result in our inability to investigate and resolve your concern.  While we aim to serve and address our customers reasonable concerns, the buyer shall comply with our no return policy and agrees to no refunds from our farm direct wholesale business.

    Payment and Fraud Prevention:
    For your protection and ours, we screen all received orders for fraud or other types of unauthorized or illegal activity. We reserve the right to refuse to process an order due to suspected fraud or unauthorized activity. If such is the case, we may reject your order or contact you at the phone number or email address you provided to confirm your order. We also reserve the right to cancel any accounts due to suspected fraud or unauthorized or illegal activity.

    Credit Card Chargebacks:
    Any chargebacks initiated against our company without prior notice will be contested and reported to credit bureaus as a delinquent collection account.   Buyer shall comply with sale and agrees to no refunds from our farm direct wholesale business.

    We reserve the right to amend this return policy at any time. Changes will be effective immediately upon posting on our website.

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