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~ Standard German Statice - Available 

~ Preimum German Statice - Available ( Super Bloom Extra Large)


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In the world of flora, behold the German Statice Bulk (Limonium tataricum), a spectacle of unblemished white, echoing the purity of a freshly fallen snowflake. Versatile in its charm, it finds its place seamlessly in the arms of both fresh and dried bouquets, a symbol of constancy in an ever-changing world. Touched by the soft caress of moisture, this exquisite bloom reveals a pliable side, a gentle flexibility that defies its usual form. Yet, under the hush of drying, it steadfastly regains its firmness, a testament to its resilient spirit.


This isn't your traditional Statice sinuata, but a breed apart, a unique manifestation of nature's artistic whims. Carefully curated and delivered in a generous bulk box, each stem carries with it the story of its growth, ready to unfold in your creative hands.

Bulk German Statice (5lbs)| Limonium Tataricum Wholesale (Dried / Natural)

150 Pounds
  • Introducing our Bulk White German Statice Wholesale (Limonium tataricum), a timeless selection for those seeking a touch of lasting elegance. These exquisite blooms, showcasing a brilliant white hue, are reminiscent of pristine purity and tranquil serenity, making them an ideal choice for a variety of floral arrangements.

    Our White German Statice displays a captivating charm, both in fresh bouquets and as dried adornments. The flowers' paper-like texture and longevity become even more pronounced when dried, offering a remarkable feature that stands the test of time.

    The blooms are incredibly pliable in moist conditions, providing the flexibility to shape them according to your creative vision. When dried, they regain their firm structure, perfectly preserving their aesthetic appeal. 

    This is not your typical Statice sinuata. With its unique characteristics, our White German Statice brings a refreshing divergence from the usual, offering a distinctive element to your floral assortment.

    Our product comes securely packed in bulk boxes, primed for shipping to your retail location. Embrace the opportunity to augment your retail collection with our White German Statice, and provide your customers with an option that embodies timeless beauty and exceptional versatility.

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    All sales are final. We do not accept returns for any reason once the product is shipped. If you have concerns regarding your order, please contact us before the items are dispatched.

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    If you experience any issues in receiving your shipment, please contact our Customer Service team within the same day of the estimated delivery time. Failure to report within this timeframe may result in our inability to investigate and resolve your concern.  While we aim to serve and address our customers reasonable concerns, the buyer shall comply with our no return policy and agrees to no refunds from our farm direct wholesale business.

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    We reserve the right to amend this return policy at any time. Changes will be effective immediately upon posting on our website.

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