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In the world of flora, behold the German Statice Bulk (Limonium tataricum), a spectacle of unblemished white, echoing the purity of a freshly fallen snowflake. Versatile in its charm, it finds its place seamlessly in the arms of both fresh and dried bouquets, a symbol of constancy in an ever-changing world. Touched by the soft caress of moisture, this exquisite bloom reveals a pliable side, a gentle flexibility that defies its usual form. Yet, under the hush of drying, it steadfastly regains its firmness, a testament to its resilient spirit.


This isn't your traditional Statice sinuata, but a breed apart, a unique manifestation of nature's artistic whims. Carefully curated and delivered in a generous small bulk box, each stem carries with it the story of its growth, ready to unfold in your creative hands.

Bulk German Statice (Small Case)| Limonium Tataricum Wholesale (Dried / Natural)

  • 1 Pound +/- Great for projects - Will Do Multiple Wreaths / Decorations

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